Wanderer’s Bunch

Wanderer’s Bunch

True to its name, the Wanderer’s Bunch allows our students to wander and wonder at the same time! This nature and tourism club educates students on the value of protecting our nature while igniting the lamp of curiosity in them, to learn more about nature by going outdoors and through practical experiences.


Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground

In order to create experiences that benefit everyone equally, we equip our students with every required skill, to teach them the values of protecting nature and its resources while exploring the world. We introduce them with the concept of sustainability and how to practice it in their everyday lives.

Our Collaborations

Gujarat Tourism & NGO’s

SWS has collaborated with Gujarat tourism and various local travel agencies to organise workshops on developing travel plans and related brochures, trip budgeting, designing & advertising etc. The school also joined hands with NGOs like Nature Conservation Foundation to involve the students in nature and sustainability related activities like developing sustainable ways to use energy, agriculture and its techniques, developing green school concept, designing nature friendly daily usable products etc.


Our little ones learning while wandering

Through these workshops, we let our students explore their creative minds and learn how to visualise, design and create what's in their mind.