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Our ‘Prayas’. Because we care!

Our ‘Prayas’. Because we care!

At SWS, we inculcate the values of community service and social responsibility as they are the future of our nation. We actively involve our students in various community service practices, and Prayas is one of them. Through this, they learn valuable life skills and compassion for everyone.


Redefining the idea of kindness!

Love of SWS

An integral part of the curriculum, Prayas teaches kids about compassion towards everyone by planning outreach programs with old age homes, shelter homes for mentally challenged kids, NGOs working with underprivileged children etc. These programs are focused on providing care and security to the elderly through volunteer effort of students and their families. What activities, you ask? Read on.

Our young caregivers

Showering love!

Our students spend time with senior citizens at elderly homes, conduct various recreational activities which provide them warmth and care. By bonding with the elderly, our students attain social and empathetic skills.


Vadillo Ni Duniya

SWS has collaborated with the Shri Lakshminarayan Foundation and worked with its old age home, known as “Vadillo Ni Duniya”. The collaboration helped in developing student's leadership qualities, self-confidence, communication skills, managerial skills, and responsibilities toward the elderly community.