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Our Initiatives Care for our kids

Our Initiatives Care for our kids

Shivashish World School believes that the knowledge and skills which we use to help others, empowers us in return. It makes you feel happier! This is a very special concept, where our students learn various handy skills, put them into practice, and then donate everything they earn to the needy.


How do we do that?

Our Khari Kamai

Under the Khari Kamai programme, our students learn to do various household chores and skill-based activities, further earning a specific amount assigned for each task they complete. They act as a catalyst in giving our students the sense of achievement, understand the importance of hard work and labour, and respect every profession, big or small.

What next!

Generating money for Prayas

‘Khari Kamai’ also acts as the funding program for all our community outreach activities at SWS. The money earned by the students through their tasks are donated to the various charities SWS is associated with, in order to help the needy.


Our young caregivers

The students and teachers love being a part of this program, as it not only brings smiles to the faces of the people we wish to help, but on theirs too. The core idea is to understand the hardships endured by the underprivileged, generate a sense of respect for the hard work done by them to earn a living, while helping them out.