Media Blasters

Media Blasters

This is our mass media and communication club, which encourages students to develop critical thinking and learn the ropes of journalism at a very young age. The Media Blasters club gives students a hands-on experience of the various segments of the news and media industry in India.



Unleashing Potential By Opportunities

For Media blasters or Mass Media & communication club, SWS provides the students with endless opportunities to get exposure in the media and broadcast segment. The club lets the students cover all types of off campus activities and tries to build public opinion through special articles, editorials and commentaries.

Playground: 1.5 Acres | Practice court: 08 Acres
Our Collaborations

Learning From The Best In Field

SWS collaborates with renowned news agencies, esteemed reporters, social media experts, publishers, advertising agencies and so on. These prominent personalities teach our students how to write blogs & articles, excel in public speaking, debate & rebutting, conduct discussions on current affairs, and much more.

Playground: 1.5 Acres | Practice court: 08 Acres


Journalistic Skills

The students in Media Blasters learn verbal and written communication, observation, critical thinking, design and development, problem solving, editing, reporting, social interactions etc with the help of the guidance provided by the school.